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​​  MarshA Looper

Marsha was our realtor in 2019 when we purchased this townhome, our realtor in 2015 when we sold our home in Peyton, our realtor when we purchased our land in Black Forest and will be our realtor forever. She is hard working, loyal and very detailed on contract and disclosure items. We love her! 

Laura & Ryan

Colorado Springs, CO

February 2024.

Marsha was amazing! Absolutely amazing! She's a native to the area and has knowledge that only someone who has been in the area as long as she has would have. It was complete chance that she became our realtor and I'm so that that she was!


Colorado Springs, CO

June 2024

Current Customer Reviews

Marsha was are Buyers Agent 10 years ago when we purchased our home, and she nailed a great price on the property. Fast forward 10+ years later and we needed to sell, and again, she delivered. She sanded and stained our front door, helped clean and helped us move. She is hard working, honest, very careful on the details and her loyalty to her clients. We are more than just clients, we are good friends. I recommend Marsha if you are buying or selling any property in Colorado. 

Debra & Gil

Colorado City,

June 2024

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Hi, Marsha! .   Marsha is a fantastic realtor. She is professional, experienced, knowledgeable, hardworking and timely communicates very well throughout the process

Annie & Geno

Fountain, CO

June 2024 

"Marsha did an excellent job selling our home. She is full of knowledge and experience and she went above and beyond working for us. Good communication throughout the sale keeping paperwork up to date even reminding buyer's agent. She even contacted the roof contractor we used for hail storm several years ago and got a roof warranty. She even shampooed our carpet! I wish every realtor is like her."

Fountain, CO 80817

June 2024

Marsha Looper is the best realtor in CO! She was our Buyers Agent 10 years ago, and when it was time to sell we called her. She works hard, is loyal, pays close attention to details and sold my home to a wonderful couple. 


Florissant, CO