Before You Begin​​

1.  Lender Commitment Letter

       a. Loan Application and documents to lender

2.  House Hunting Checklist

3.  Go out with Realtor to look at homes

4.  Work with Realtor on Offer for desired home

5.  Earnest Check - deliver to title company of record

6.  Title Process (Accept, Request Repairs or Terminate Contract)

       a. Review Title, HOA, Due Diligence Documents

​7.  Home Inspection (Accept, Request Repairs or Terminate Contract)

8.  Appraisal (Accept, Amend Contract or Terminate Contract)

9.  Loan Conditions from Lender

​10.Lender Closing Disclosure - Required Three Days prior to Closing

11. Contingencies

       a. Hotels, Stay with Parents or Friends until closing

       b. Pre-Occupancy Agreement

12. Realtors Schedule Closing with Buyer/Sellers/Title Company

13. Contact Utility Companies, Schools, Trash Service, Cable & Internet

     a. Monument - Lewis Palmer - School District 38 

      b. Northern Colorado Springs - Air Academy District 20

      c. Colorado Springs Central - District 11 

      e. Falcon - District 49 - East Colorado Springs

      f.  Manitou Springs- West COS - District 14

      g. Harrison - South COS - District 2

      h. Cheyenne Mtn. - Southwest - District 12

       i. Security-Widefield - South - District 3 

        j. Fountain - Fountain School District 8

       k. Douglas County School District 

       l. Top School District in 2016 

14. Attend Closing, Keys, Warranty Information and Possession 

15. Move into Your New Home

Short Video on Home Buying Process.

 Buyers Club - Steps to Buying Your Home 

  Buying Process

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