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Marsha's Story

Welcome to the Pikes Peak Region, home to Fort Carson Army Post, Peterson AFB,  Schriever AFB,Cheyenne Mountain Air Station ,the  Air Force Academy and America's mountain, Pikes Peak.   We are excited to assist you in purchasing your home, and/or selling your current home and moving onto another. 

I am a proud mother of three adult children, one grandchild and wife of a rancher in eastern El Paso County. As a child in a military family, moving around the country was a regular event. Finally, we settled down in Mesa County,  Colorado, where my father and mother finished raising five children. 

Growing up in a farming community has taught me hard work, commitment and dedication to my family and the environment. Today, I am a rancher in Eastern El Paso County, where there is plenty of sunshine, clean air and salt-of-the-earth people. 

Being raised on a farm, and ranching my grown life has taught me the challenges and hard work food producers face on a daily basis. Issues such as water, climate changes, oil/gas, property rights, animal  disease and management are on our minds and heart daily. I understand the importance of verifying water decrees, water rights, well permits, conservation easements, oil & gas rights, surface versus ground water issues, fence and boundary issues and adverse possession issues. As a former State Legislator, I was proud to represent the people of Eastern El Paso County on the Agriculture, Natural Resources and Energy Committee, where many of these issues were debated. 

And as the daughter of a war veteran, I know first-hand the benefits and hardships of military family life, and my team is here to work hard to ensure your relocation is as smooth and efficient as possible. As a former Colorado State Representative, I have spent countless hours with our many of our service members and their families sponsoring laws enacting the Colorado Wounded Warrior Programs, Chile Care for Military Families, The Veterans Trauma Court,  Military Overseas InteRnet ​VoTing and employment rights for service members and their families, This so service members and their families have additional benefits in Colorado. 

Prior to being elected, I was a Realtor, Appraiser and Systems Engineer for IBM. These careers have helped mold me into the real estate professional that requires attention to deadlines, contract provisions and first and foremost customer satisfaction. Our priority is to our clients! We promise loyalty, dedication, hard work and a commitment to the outcome desired by our clients! Bar none, we are one of the best teams in Colorado Springs! 

 When served Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders, time is of the essence, and your moving and station deadlines must be met. My team knows the area and issues involved with military moves. My experience as a policy maker, Military Relocation Professional and most off all, my dedication to YOU is extremely important when you need a hard-working, experienced and loyal Realtor on your side.  

If you are anticipating a PCS order and need to rent, sell or buy a home, please call, text or email us immediately so we can begin working for you. we can help with DITY moves, Partial DITY moves and selling your home for the best price. As aN active duty service member or veteran buying a house, you do not pay commission, the seller will pay our services. 

I am one of handfull of Military Relocation Professionals in the Colorado Springs area certified by the National Association of Realtors and the VA, a member in good standing with the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors, Colorado Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors. Please, never hesitate call or text us at 719-238-5600 (cell), 719-632-5490 (office) or   email me at Marshalooper@gmail.com                                        

If you are a veteran, actively serving, spouse and/or child of a veteran,  thank you for your service to our nation and welcome to Colorado Springs!

If you are a farmer, rancher, agriculture producer and/or worker, thank you for your endless hours, back breaking work and managing endless issues to ensure we have the best and freshest food in the world! 



Marsha Looper

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